"Forbidden Zone 2" in pre-production

*UPDATE: Richard Elfman met his Indiegogo campaign goal for Forbidden Zone 2! More details about the film shoot to come!

"What the heck is all this Forbidden Zone 2/Princess Polly business you speak of?" Well, Richard Elfman & Danny Elfman have been working on a sequel to the cult Sci Fi musical Forbidden Zone. I am set to play the grotesque yet sexy Princess Polly in Forbidden Zone 2. We created an early promo music video in 2011. The making of it can be seen in episode 2 of "Monster Man" on the SyFy network. If you missed the original airing you can watch it on Amazon Instant Video: Monster Man "Forbidden Werewolf" or check it out on iTunes.

Also...Here is the complete music video in all it's glory:

And here is more art concept and a revamped concept on Princess Polly: